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September 07, 2006



Is it totally wrong that this is one of the most interesting blogs yet to me?
I'm very glad you're ok. Obviously.
I am, however, thoroughly amused by the helmet thing. And the denial, through it all, of Dubya! That was Greg's favorite part too.

Take care, damnit!


I got an extra palpitation that I probably don't need when I read about yr accident.
I'm glad that it turned out to be little more than a pratfall, a life's lesson and a good story.
Your salvation might have been that you hoped out of your car. Had you hopped, all might have been different.
I'm so glad that you are a hoper.



Whew! a close call...Thank you! God. I laughed my ass off reading about the numbness and the cops and all that. All's well that ends well. A Lesson learned and another great story.

I love you man!


Congrats on confronting death and thumbing your nose in it's face. . . . loud voice from above, "it's not your time." Or perhaps the higher powers were playing some sort of game and . . ."on second thought, let's keep him around a bit longer."

Could be all the yoga!

In all sincerity, glad you're ok, Julie would have been an absolute wreck around studio.

David Sedaris would consider you a kindred spirit.

Deena Z. Freed

Ben, I've read your blog a few times, and I'm sorry to say, this one was the funniest entry yet. My favorite part was about the ER. :D Of course I'm ecstatic that you're OK and nimble as ever. Maybe you're the real unbreakable man!

(and Jake!)


ben!!! i am glad you are seemingly not too scathed!




I am so glad to hear you are OK. I know we've never met, but clearly we share a mutual taste in awesome friends, and that has to mean something!! :)

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