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April 25, 2006



The sexual politics of office society are written in stone thanks to Justice Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton.

Women don't ever want to be critized about their looks. Especially their looks. It is considered cruel, even if said in jest.

Woman have very little sense of Humor for and find that their vanity is sacred ground. Like the triangle patch (camel toe) they wear.

They may be trying to get even by talking amongst themselves that you are a sexually frustrated male.

What else is new. Can't live with 'em...can't live without 'em.

Not really true...just feels like that sometimes...because people are way too sensitive. Taking things personally and even looking for it.

So, don't despair everything is subject to comedy at the right moment. timing is everything with jokes.


1. This:
"Maybe I'm frustrated by a society that isn't as comfortable as I am talking about the difference in coloration between fecal matter and regurgitated fecal matter."
had me tearing with laughter.
2. Jules is awesome!!

That is all.


I find myself in similar situations. I also used a poop color analogy to describe a student's iced coffee, but she was not amused and discarded her $3+ drink in disgust. After she threw it out I told her I would have drank her poop-drink. Maybe you are my brother from another mother?

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