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January 22, 2006


Fellow Former Floridian

I'm glad your experience at home was so good. I hope you remembered to wish Mom a Happy Birthday for me!
I'm not sure when I myself am going to make it down there for a visit, but I can honestly agree with your feelings of no longer being a part of that area. Weird, isn't it? Growing up there, I never really imagined myself living anywhere else (I wasn't nearly as creative a thinker as you), but as the college years passed by all I could think about was getting OUT! And as great as Florida winters may be, I'm in love with the Northeast winter (and the ability of the region to actually experience seasonal changes!!). Mind you, we've had the mildest winter up here ever experienced. I guess I brought some of the equator with me.


Bruno Hill

How did the the operation go? Did the operation help you achieve the near-perfect vision that you wanted? Oh, by the way. About those lasers? That would have been really cool if it was true. Haha! Anyway, I really do hope that the surgery was able to do your eyes good.

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