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Hello-- My name is Ben and I am so glad you are visiting my blog!

I started this because I kept on hearing from people - "Ben, your emails are really well written" or the even more flattering, "That was way better than anything I have read in the Atlantic Monthly lately" - so I decided to give myself the opportunity to gain more exposure and simply practice my writing. I hope to be able to make posts as many as several times a week. So that's what I hope to gain - practice, critiques, and a fan base. (Is attempting to start a cultural following too ambitious my first time out???)

My new fantasy dream job is to become a travel writer and have magazines pay for lavish and unbelievable holidays to outlandish locales, while I simply jot things down and take digital photos. Any editors out there?

I suppose you want to hear a little about me...

I grew up in sunny South Florida. My mother was a juggler and my father was a recording engineer (they both kept real jobs in their free time). I was always surrounded by musicians and circus folk and it came to no one's surprise that I wanted to experience everything (except Little League, that was my dad's idea) that a bohemian child of hippies would. I was creative, exploring the worlds of theater, dance, chorus, piano, violin, and the visual arts.

In high school, I joined marching band trying a new percussion instrument each year. I decided to stick with music in college and entered Florida State a Percussion Performance Major. Two weeks later, I realized my real passion was visual and changed my major to Interior Design.

After Graduation, I decided that I wanted to continue my education in the most unique way possible, so applied and got into the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture - a dream came true.

I had the most incredibly exciting and wonderful, yet heart-breaking and exhuasting year there. When it was over, I decided it would be best to move on and I went on hiatus, finding numerous ways to indulge in any method of self-discovery I possibly could.

In the end, I have found myself settled in San Antonio where I am currently producing art, writing, and hoping to make the world a better place.


These are varied and numerous being rather curious and fascinated with just about anything. I have a particular fondness for studying and producing art and architecture, Nature and environmental preservation, growing plants, practicing yoga, playing my guitar, loose leaf tea, taking pictures and hoping that people don't mind my sharing of them, The Beatles, Frank Lloyd Wright, Douglas Adams, Georgia O'Keeffe, Gandhi, traveling, and roadside curiousities.